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Written Work

For many courses, you need to send in written work as part of your application - check your course page. You should send something that you have produced as part of your normal school or college work, which has been marked by a teacher. We would  expect each piece of written work to be no more than 2,000 words, and to receive it by 10 November.

After you have submitted your application, the college considering your application will get in touch to tell you how you should submit your written work. Most colleges accept an electronic copy of your work; however, some may ask you to send hard copies by post. We can't return written work, so do make sure to keep a copy.

You will need to complete a cover sheet for each piece of work that you submit, which you will be able to download from this page.

What to send

If the course you are applying for requires written work please send work that demonstrates your analytical, reasoning, language and writing skills, as appropriate for your chosen degree course.

The work you send in must be your original school or college work, marked by a teacher, and not re-written or corrected in any way. It may be typed or handwritten – as long as it is legible – and photocopies are acceptable. We would expect each piece of written work to be no more than 2,000 words. You will need to complete a written work cover sheet for each piece of work that you submit.

If you are not sure what to send, or if you are concerned that you do not have suitable written work, please contact the college that is considering your application.

Extended essays

Extended essays for the International Baccalaureate, Extended Projects, or other longer pieces of work which exceed the 2,000 word limit are not acceptable as submitted written work. However, you may like to submit an extract from an extended essay. Also, if you mention your essay in your personal statement, tutors may like to discuss this with you at interview if your application is shortlisted.


All written work must be in English (except where required for Modern Languages). International students whose work is in a language other than English are asked to submit both the original work and their own translation into English.